Early Registration Closing Soon!

Have you registered for DH2011 yet? Early registration will close on June 1, just a little over two weeks before the conference begins.

You can continue to register right up until conference time, and even on-site — but all bets are off after June 1: your favorite workshops and tutorials are beginning to fill up — in fact, a few of them are already full.

Or there might be no more seats on the magic bus headed for the post-Conference excursion of your California dreams.

Finally, we’ll need to raise the registration rates just a little to compensate for the last-minute menu tweaking and tee-shirt tie-dying and what have you. We’ll try to go easy on this — we’re Californians; we’re easy-going by nature — and we might even give everyone a day or two leeway. But please help us out, and register soon. We want to be sure there’s enough of everything to go around.

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