Fully Searchable Book of Abstracts Now Online

Fully searchable Book of Abstracts is now on line at http://dh2011abstracts.stanford.edu/.

Q. How’d we do it?

A. XTF [1] , and a wee bit of XSLT tweaking.

But this came only after a lot (a lot!) of effort converting all the abstracts to TEI XML, with which we got an enormous boost from the 50 DH2011 heroes who submitted their abstracts in XML. You’ll be able to spot these bold DHers by their honorary blue DH2011 teeshirts and celebratory conference badges. Shake their hands.

[1] Developed and maintained by the California Digital Library (CDL), XTF is an open source platform for providing search-able access to digital content. XTF is built in XML/XSLT and runs very nicely in Tomcat.

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