Fifty Abstract Encoders Win Free T-Shirts

The Final DH Abstracts have been counted and 50 “Abstract Encoders” got down and dirty and submitted theirs in TEI-XML.  Groovy!  Here is the honor roll of distinguished Special Edition, Commemorative, TEI-Encoded, DH 2011, Conference Badges and T-Shirt winners:

Alexander, Marc
Anderson, Jean Gilmour
Baumann, Ryan
Bodard, Gabriel
Brey, Gerhard
Brin, Adam
Büchler, Marco
Cayless, Hugh
Clement, Tanya
Croxall, Brian
Dolan, Molly
Eckart, Thomas
Eder, Maciej
Flanders, Julia
Forstall, Christopher W.
Forster, Chris
Galina, Isabel
Grossner, Karl
Heath, Sebastian
Jain, Ramesh
Kantabutra, Vitit
Knox, Douglas
Litta, Eleonora
Meeks, Elijah
Mostern, Ruth
Muñoz, Trevor
Noel, Geoffroy
Nowviskie, Bethany
Pansch, David
Pierazzo, Elena
Pierce-McManamon, Francis
Porter, Dot
Priani, Ernesto
Renear, Allen
Reside, Doug
Rochester, Eric
Rockwell, Geoffrey
Rybicki, Jan
Sarwar, Sulman
Scheirer, Walter J
Sells, Erin
Shaw, Ryan
Sinclair, Stéfan
Sinnott, Richard
Smith Bautista, Susana
Sosin, Joshua
Spiro, Lisa
Suciu, Radu
Trainor, Kevin
Varvel, Virgil
Viglianti, Raffaele
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