Information for Presenters

Wireless internet will be available to all presenters, as well as to the audience.

We’re working to insure that there are ample power outlets for your laptop batteries: knowing our DH community, we expect they’ll be getting a real good workout.

Poster Session
This year’s unified poster session will be in a spacious and elegant ballroom. If you look at the schedule, you’ll see there’s no competition from any other papers or events. We know from your abstracts that you’ve put a lot of effort into these presentations of your work, and we hope to make DH2011′s poster session the most visible, comfortable and well-attended ever.

Each poster presenter will have one side of a stand-alone poster board that is 4′ high and 8′ wide, and several will have a place to set a laptop. We’ll have push-pins appropriate for these boards, but if you’d like something special or out-of-the-ordinary to hang your poster, please bring it with you.

Papers and Panels
Projectors will be provided for each room, but please bring your own laptop or be prepared with a flash drive to transfer your presentation visuals to a fellow presenter’s laptop. Past DH experience has shown that most presenters prefer to use their own machines, and that they are very willing to share with those who don’t. Note that our projectors have VGA connectors, so Mac users: bring your video adapters.

All sessions have been assigned chairs, whose primary purpose is to make sure that presenters and sessions start and end on time. For those panels that have self-organized: you may still have an assigned chair to oversee the general timetable and to take care of any last-minute needs.

Please let us know soon if you have any special presentation needs, and we’ll try to accommodate them; even better, contact your session chair to talk about these needs.

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