Abstract Encoding?

Abstract encoding?

Sounds like a new form of media art, but it’s not what you think. This year we have decided to take the radical step of inviting conference participants to take a stab at encoding their own abstracts.   This is totally optional, of course, and folks can still submit their abstracts in one of the boring and oh so passé forms outlined in the acceptance e-mails.

But for those true radicals, those who wish to purge themselves of evil, proprietary formats, thumb their noses at the man, and feel the ultimate freedom of the TEI blowing back their hair. . . we have a special offer for you. . .

Encode your panel, paper, or poster according to the instructions (see link below) and at this year’s conference you will be formally recognized with a Special Edition, Commemorative, TEI-Encoded, DH 2011, Conference Badge (and you’ll score a free conference T-Shirt too)!

Just follow this link to download a zip file containing the two templates: one for papers/posters and another for panels.  Each Template is already in TEI-XML and simple encoding instructions are at the top of the files, inside xml comment tags.

So say “no” to evil, proprietary formatting, and say hello to the wonderful, happy world of XML (and a groovy t-shirt).

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